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Tell us about your childhood experience, music career, your musical background, experience and skills.


From ever since that I can remember I sang with my mom, my aunt, my grandmother and just my whole family. From the time that I could talk; I sang. I remember loving Elvis Albums as a child. Later on it was John Denver, Jimmy Buffett & Paul McCartney to name a few. I have always been a fan of singer/songwriters. I realize that Elvis didn’t write his own music, but who doesn’t like Elvis.


Later on I was one of 3 or 4 boys who sang 3rd soprano in front of the high school choir while I was in grade school. We were the finale when we hit our high notes. We had no idea what we were doing, but people seemed to like it. That was my 1st public performances as I recall. Funny how life events do seem to move in circles.


On to high school. I was kicked out of choir because I was a rebel and much too cool to sing. I was very shy about music for many years. That was for sissies. I used to try to confuse the choir director by singing with the other sections in the middle of my section. You could see her head turn sideways trying to figure out what was going on. After high school I did apologize to her and we hugged. She forgave me, I think.


Moving on to college I found myself rooming with a musical artist that played guitar, drums, keyboard, and other instruments as well. He introduced me to Pink Floyd too. He taught me how to play. I picked it up quickly. My 1st song that I learned was Buffett’s “Son of a Sailor”. Yes, the very 1st song that I learned to play had 4 chords and not 3.


So I got married & started a family. I put music away for many years; until divorce. At that time, I dug my ole buddy out of the closet, and with no inhibitions or regret I began writing; and I mean a lot. It appears the rest just might be history. For the record, I never intended it to be that way. I hear music in my head. I can pick out the chords in songs and pretty much play them on the spot. I dream music. In fact some of my songs have been from dreams. I wake up and voice record the idea and quickly go back to sleep only to find a ½ written song later on. I decided that I should take it up a level when I started listening to my music vs. anything else when I was just hanging out. Not out of vanity, I just liked it better.


I have a day job and so music is hobby for me, but it is one that I am passionate about.




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