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December 29, 2017by Kolade Olamide0

Dirty Dollars’ New Single “I’m Frustrated”


Kansas City, Missouri  – It’s not every day that one gets a single from the soundtrack to a book, but that is just what “I’m Frustrated” is. Emcee Dirty Dollars penned a book entitled I’m Frustrated Thoughts Becoming Words , & decided a song was the perfect companion piece for it.


Currently playing on Jango, Spotify and Pandora, “I’m Frustrated” is streaming worldwide. Dirty Dollars has even appeared on 94.1FM alongside Cyrus Webb via an in depth interview about his latest project; the book and single. Fans of the station were taken by his style, a mixture of T.I. and Master P, Dirty Dollars comes through with a forceful, gangster rap approach. An approach that has been missing for some time in mainstream hip hop. He’s here to bring it back to the forefront.


Playing locally around Kansas City, Missouri Dirty Dollars has made a name for himself on a regional level. With that he’s also worked alongside a handful of other artists including K.R.O Kode Red Outlaw, Twanp Side, and Sleep the Moguls. In the coming months he’ll be focusing on pushing not only I’m Frustrated Thoughts Becoming Words, but also his latest single “I’m Frustrated” as well as his upcoming release,

“I Had a Talk with God.”

Those interested in adding “I’m Frustrated” to their playlists, reviewing the single, or talking with Dirty Dollars about his projects can get in touch via the information provided below.



Dirty Dollars is a rapper who penned “I’m Frustrated” to accompany his book,

I ‘m Frustrated Thoughts Becoming Words.



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