Orissa, release the new album entitled “Resurrection”. Put together by Sahaj Ticotin, (RA; Meytal Cohen; Adekain; September Mourning) and mastered by Paul Logus, (Stone Sour; Steel Panther; Shadows Fall) the LP unfolds, “progressive metal that demonstrates remarkable mastery.” (Codifiers) Genius behind the project, David Dodini, graduated with honors from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and finished up his masters at the Biella Conservatory’s Scuola Niccolo Paganini in Biella, Italy. Orissa’s live assemble is a list of NYC’s greatest instrumentalists from Dyed In Grey, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Neal Morse Band, Stratospheerius, Book Of Mormon, Haakons Fault, Emergence and Astronaut Down.

Orissa was founded in 2010 by Dodini, a virtuoso singer, bassist and guitarist, who writes, arranges and plays all the roles on Orissa’s records. Born out of the aspiration to explore inner creative space and create a cathartic, distinguishing, exceptionally special and therapeutic art, Dodini left behind the strictly classical background and pursued his own styles of songwriting; intermixing his classical training with his fancy for jazz, balkan and other ancient rhythmic traditions; these styles transformed into Dodini’s diving into metal and progressive music, as the genres carry countless parallels. Orissa dropped its debut EP, “Omens” in 2012; on which Dodini played all the instruments and was supported by Dan Walsh (drums). “Omens” was produced by Stacey O’Dell, (Killcode, Panzie, Awaken), and mastered by Chris Muth of Taloowa. Orissa launched two additional singles in 2013 as, “The Musical Offering”. They were produced and mastered by Patrick Derivaz, (Jon Scofield, Jeff Buckley, Meshell Ndegeocello), and released to support a Kickstarter Campaign. In turn, the Kickstarter accumulated over $20K to finance the upcoming album, “Resurrection”, which is made up of Dodini’s vocal and instrumental arrangements and performances as well as drummer Jason Gianni, (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Neal Morse, Book Of Mormon). In 2016, Orissa took the music from the studio to the stage when Dodini invited the most outstanding instrumentalists from NYC’s progressive, metal and rock communities.

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