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January 3, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

The super-duper trio of Indie Pop/Alternative style by the band name – The Great Escape; made up of Ingrid Andersson (Lead Vocal), Kristian Nord (Drums, Bass) and Malte Hagemeister (Guitar) from Venice, California drop a five-star song titled “Season of Love”.

With their one of a kind mix of pure energy song art: Self-produced in their own studio, “Universe In Bloom” sees the West Coast trio together with some of the greatest musicians and studio geniuses in the industry to produce an ageless music that’s both one of a kind and uncommonly familiar, crude and catching.

Their self-produced debut album was dropped in 2014 and received much critical acclaim.

After remixes, three singles and their highly acclaimed mini docu style music videos The Great Escape drop their new album “Universe In Bloom”.

“Universe In Bloom” is an ageless tunes beyond style that could have been cooked up at any point in the last 50 or so years. The Great Escape’s sophomore effort feels like the ultimate 2017 update to that 60s-70s sound when Rock and Pop and Soul music was still unrefined and unpolished.

“Universe In Bloom” harmonizes deep-felt, sweet-coated storytelling with a grit-digging vibe and feel, and it’s full of rhythms that jump right at you: The most outstanding songs have the power to take you to another high level – if only for a moment: The Great Escape have, for their sophomore album, composed 11 of such marvelous songs.

The Great Escape put a lively and energizing drive on the alternative rock styling of the mid-2000s.

Their dark, harmonious sections run smoothly into their sharp, jazz influenced choruses and bridges. With rhythmic, poppy elements equalized by the twinge of hard rock, The Great Escape’s brand new song “Season of Love” transmits the trio’s uncontrollable spirit and driving force of indie rock into a first copy song for the Holidays.







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