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The Wolfe Brothers, one of the most exciting country rock bands to emerge out of Australia, are thrilled to announce their new album, Country Heart, available this March. Also released to media today is their first single from the new album,

 Ain’t Seen It Yet.

After the chart-topping success of their previous albums – It’s On, Nothing But Trouble and This Crazy Life – Country Heart will be The Wolfe Brothers’ much anticipated fourth studio album. The band – brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe and best mate Brodie Rainbird – had a remarkable 2017 which saw them nominated for two Golden Guitar awards, flying to Nashville to write their new album and playing both as Lee Kernaghan’s band and guest support on his 25th Anniversary Tour. 2018 won’t see the The Wolfe Brothers slowing down, with not only new music, but also an album tour set to come. On top of this they have been announced to perform at the 2018 CMC Country Music Awards as well as with being nominated for two awards: Group or Duo of the Year and Australian Artist of the Year.

Pioneers of Australian contemporary country music, The Wolfe Brothers completed the album in Sydney with their new producer, the multi-award winning Matt Fell and was mastered by renowned engineer, William Bowden (Goyte). All of this has led to a fresh and more developed sound with Country Heart.

“We’re feeling all kinds of excitement and nerves with the upcoming release of our fourth studio album ‘Country Heart’ and that’s exactly how it should be. None of us were interested in playing it safe this time. We basically took the process we have used to make our albums previously, turned it on its head and came at it from a completely different angle. The goal was to give each song its own personality, not just the same core set up as we have done in the past. We didn’t touch an electric guitar until a week and a half into the recording process – which for us is a big deal. We took the time to really hone the songs, tweak arrangements and get in find the sounds that would give each song its own unique character. The interesting thing is even though it’s very different, it’s still us – the songs are more real and more honest and we just can’t wait for our audience to get to hear this new chapter in our career!” – Nick Wolfe.

The video for Ain’t Seen It Yet was filmed in the band’s hometown of Tasmania on the ‘Wolfe Brothers Berry Farm’ – the family farm of over 120 years – and is available to view now.






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