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Dusty Rust

Stolen Horse – Dusty Rust

 Picture, if you will, a wide-open range with a couple of hundred steers shuffling at a hurried pace creating a dusty haze in the heat. The camera pulls back to find our lonesome cowboy leading his horse at a brisk pace singing “No One To Blame” 

– Americana Music Show

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-Saving Country Music 

Dusty Rust is a Neo Honky Tonk performer crawling out from under the music hub of Kansas City, MO.  His sound brings a lot of twang to the urban streets and taverns where he’s often heard, one such place being The Westport Saloon.  52 times a year you can hear him playing homage to the golden days of country music from Hank Williams that can journey all the way through the outlaw movement and into underground 80’s country.

Stolen Horse is the title of Dusty’s 3rd release in the last 6 years, a collective of songs that were recorded in his Honky Tonk laboratory studio in December of 2016 over the course of four days.  It’s a fearless collection of Americana songs that come straight from the heart and soul of a true working man.

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