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Jim Moginie

Jim Moginie

The moment is now. There is no time to dilly dally around the periphery’. So, while I’m thus philosophically engaged, and because there’s a song called Eternal Love on there, I’m releasing this 4 song EP, called PERPETUA, on Ash Wednesday (or if you like) St. Valentine’s Day, February 14 2018. There’s a song written with Sarah Blasko, and another with some Nashville cats.


During recuperation after the amazing Midnight Oil world tour of 2017 and a nasty fall onstage in November the tour’s last couple of weeks, I was mostly horizontal. Or in a wheelchair. A time to think, learn, meditate while contemplating the ceiling. So I thought it would be good rehabilitation to put together an EP of songs I recorded a couple of years ago, along the lines of last year’s ‘Under The Motherland’s lag’ EP. If only because I was unable to do much else.


In 2016 I had just turned a significant age, so barricaded myself into my studio with engineer El Ninety and banged out lots of ideas during the winter months without much revision, judgment or overthinking, playing most of the instruments myself with mostly my son Sam on drums, it was great to make music with him, plus some backing vocals from Lozz Benson and Evelyn Finnerty.


Perpetua. The title fits: it’s in honour of the glorious dead: ancestors, parents, relatives, friends, childhood heroes. The Christabel Blackman picture of me on the cover was taken in Fluntern Cemetery in Switzerland, where James Joyce is buried. We came there to honour the great man and his wife Nora.


I think the picture says ‘we are but passing through’. Existence is relentlessly perpetual. OK. That’s a mawkish idea to some. And I say ‘You’re on earth, there’s no cure for that.’ ‘No, I regret nothing, all I regret is having been born, dying is such a long tiresome business I always found.’ Actually that was Beckett.


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