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Mitchell Bobby Gaskin

Mitchell Bobby Gaskin’s first professional album, titled Simply Beautiful To Me, is a group of songs to make people want to dance and think of love between a man and a woman.

Mitchell Bobby Gaskin started singing as a hobby. He realized his type of voice was missing in the music industry and he decided to begin singing professionally.

Mitchell hopes God will bless his work and he will become a successful singer in the music industry. Also, he currently has over 43,000 listeners and have won many of fans in a lot of countries  USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Japan, Hong Kong ,Spain, UK (England), Australia, Italy, Germany, and Jamaica on Radio Air Play (Jango) on the playlist of major artists’ play stations. Lately, his songs (Simply Beautiful To Me, Beautiful Just Way You Are, Sometimes Life Is Cruel and When I Have My Honey) have won many Music Badges from Modern Beats during the months of September thru as recently December 2015. In the month of December his songs “Simply Beautiful To Me” (1) and “When I Have My Honey” (3) won total 4 Music Badges, with just 4 submission in the month of December 2015.

In years of 2015-2017 four songs by Mitchell Bobby Gaskin, from the “Simply Beautiful To Me” Cd (“Simply Beautiful To Me”, “Beautiful Just The Way You Are”, “Sometimes Life Is Cruel” and “When I Have My Honey”) had been selected on the Modern Beat (Songs Submit) by A&R from Major Records Labels and Publishing companies. His songs are on the songs selected lists of Modern Beats with two or more songs, that were selected by Recording Labels A&R. And he was offered two Publishing Deals (one in Europe and United States). Three of the songs from the “Simply Beautiful To Me”  CD are currently in rotation on Coast2Coast FM radio station in Miami, FL. Also, those songs have been placed on the following Coast 2 Coast mixtapes:  We Workin Volume# 75, 82, 183, 195, 311, 234 and 285: Pop Stars Volume# 323, 22 and 10: Reggae Stars Volume# 13, 14 and 15 (Beautiful Just The Way You Are): Makin Moves Volume# 110 and 328: The Hottest in the State Volume# 14 (Sometimes Life Is Cruel). And his song “Sometimes Life Is Cruel” has been (June 6, 2016) featured on the Coast2Coast “We Workin” Mixtape Volume# 323.

As of January 5 and 6, 2017,  his song “When I Have My Honey” was featured on We Workin Volume 65 and R&B Stars Volume#. He still had continuous success in the year of 2017 with the international music industry. First the radio station in Italy had an interview and played the song “The Simply Beautiful To Me” with thumb up from radio DJ that hosted the show. He went on with a Press Release in April of 2017 with UK Nub Country in England. That after, the fall of Tate Music Group with indictments of CEO Ryan Tate the Publishing Company he was with 2013. Then with another music resource Music Xray the “Simply Beautiful To Me” song, had six of six professional reviews and won numerous of fans. In the same month 4/23/2017 his song ‘Sometime Life Is Cruel” is on Coast2Coast Mixtape Volume# 463 ” and his song “Let’s Go Away” was featured on following Mixtapes: R&B Stars 9/28/2017; EMD Edition Volume# 28, 10/16/2017; We Workin Volume# 610 10/16/2017 and Volume# 615, 10/18/2017; PopStars Volume# 33 10/18/2017. This same song was selected three times on Song Submit (Modern Beats). He has proven that all songs, that have been submitted to different entities (Music Resources) have power to cross over to the most popular Genres from R&B, Rock, Reggae, EDM and Pop music. Hopefully the Music Record Labels will catch on and sign him to a deal, so that “Good Music” will not be passing by.

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