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Gary E

Gary E is a veteran musician who has poured his varied experience into writing, arranging and producing this album. Milwaukee to Florida to Los Angeles, with many bumps along the way, Gary E has played rock, jazz, R&B, country, and probably a bit of most other styles found in the broad spectrum of what we generally call pop music. The road from teen parties to paying gigs to mediocre dives to internationally known venues wasn’t always sequential or logical; a musical life can be very up and down – and Gary’s journey has seen many changes. From the jarring dissonance of the opening chord to the uplifting closing chord of the finale, these songs express a multitude of change: key, rhythm, style, form, color, rhyme scheme, harmonic progression, tempo, and even meter. The lyrics speak of changes that occur within oneself and those that develop in relationships Gary performs all the vocals, along with guitars, drums, tambourine, claves & handclaps.






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