Australian Electro Pop Artist


When singer and songwriter Georgina creates her music it can be inspired by anything. Whether it’s a memory, a dream, a relationship, or even a smell there’s nothing she loves more than making obscurities come to life through song. Being able to translate temporary emotions into concrete melodies is what makes songwriting so impactful for her, and allows her to communicate with her fans in an intimate way.

Georgina has been singing professionally since she was a little girl when she performed with the English Chamber Orchestra at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, England. She then went on to play one of the lead roles in Channel 4’s cult teenage drama “SKINS”. Georgina spent her childhood traveling around Europe and Australia, which influenced her to incorporate EDM into her classical music background to define a new style of music. Georgina has always been inspired by Sade since “she’s timeless, and never complied with trends”, and she hopes to be able to follow in those footsteps by creating unique music that can be appreciated for generations.

Her first single, “Go On”, is a perfect example of the fresh sound Georgina knows she can bring to the music industry. It features melodic piano layered over electronic beats and powerhouse vocals. Following the momentum of the new release Georgina is working on getting new music ready for her fans to enjoy, and is hoping to meet them on tour very soon!

After recently signing with elite US based management company, Arrow Music Agency, Georgina is looking forward to the “exotic, exciting, inspiring, and fruitful” future that lies ahead. Arrow is headed by Chris Sobonya (President), and represents a diverse roster of artists from around the globe.




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