Marco Cinelli

The greatest single contribution to the shaping of the artist that this Italian born and raised singer is today came from his father Domenico. From the time Marco was just a little school boy, his father, an unshakable music lover with a singular passion for American and British rock, pop and folk, inspired him to follow his own path and become curious and explore the roots of American music, such as blues, gospel, and country.

He started playing guitar at the age of 11 and his curiosity soon turned into such a feverish passion, he swore to himself that he would grow up to be a musician. He started playing guitar professionally at the age of 12. He finished his obligatory schooling at the insistence of his mother Silvia and then immediately enrolled in the Saint Louis College Of Music in Rome. For him, this opened the flood gates to other instruments, singing, and composition. Fundamentally unhappy with the local scene and the musical possibilities that Italy could offer him, he decided to break out of the peninsula. With a knapsack and his guitar on his shoulder, he began leading a life of travel, learning languages, playing, writing and producing music without any national boundaries.

First he moved to the Netherlands with his rock band, and soon embarked upon a solo career, taking up the lead on singing as well and moved to Paris, France.

Later, he established himself in London, the European capital of pop, rock and soul, where he unceasingly continues down his own path as a composer, performer, and singer.

Iggy Pop stumbled upon one of his YouTube videos and publicly declared that he is destined to be a star.

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