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The Wolfe Brothers




Nick Wolfe – Lead Vocals / Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar


Tom Wolfe – Vocals / Bass & Guitar


Brodie Rainbird – Electric Guitar


A lot has happened since The Wolfe Brothers burst into millions of homes around the nation in mid-2012 when they were voted into second place in the final of Australia’s Got Talent.


Throughout the series, Tom Wolfe was persistently contacting veteran Australian artist manager Steve White – who was in Nashville at the time. White says, “Every week Tom was calling me and sending me a video of their performances on the show. I was very impressed with the energy and the sound of the band, but what stood out the most was that they were going on national television week after week and playing original songs – and Australia kept voting for them. Clearly they were making a connection to the public with their own music. I really liked what I saw and committed to managing them before I had even met the guys – something I have never done before


White added “Before the final of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ went to air I called Lee Kernaghan, who I have been managing for the last 20 years, and told him I had just taken on this new band from Tasmania called The Wolfe Brothers. I asked Lee to check them out online and watch their appearances on AGT. Lee called me back with the feedback that he found their energy amazing. On my return to Australia we auditioned The Wolfe Brothers for Lee’s new band and Lee gave them the job after playing just 3 songs with them in the rehearsal studio in Sydney. As a part of the deal the band would open all of Lee’s shows as his special guests. This put the band in front of sell-out crowds every night on tour. It was the perfect introduction to Lee’s huge audience and this relationship has been ongoing since 2012”.


Tom Wolfe said “Touring with Lee has been a dream come true for us. He has taught us so much and it is still a little surreal to look across the stage and realise we are actually performing with one of our childhood heroes – the great Lee Kernaghan. Thanks to Lee we were able to quit our jobs and make music our full-time profession. At the time that we auditioned for Lee, Nick was a postman, Brodie was a refrigeration mechanic and I was a builder’s labourer and carpenter.  It was only a couple of weeks after the audition that we did our first show with Lee. It was a Baptism Of Fire at the Deni Ute Muster in front of 20,000 people. We could not believe all this was happening – dreams do come true”.


The Wolfe Brothers debut LP “It’s On” spawned three Top 10 singles, including their first #1 song and #1 video ‘The Girl, The Bottle, The Memory’. The album entered the ARIA charts at #2 on the country chart and #18 on the overall chart.


In their usual fun approach to life, the band titled their second album “Nothin’ But Trouble”. The album was released on Sept 5th, 2014 and entered the ARIA Country Charts at #2 and debuted at #13 on the all genre

ARIA Chart. The first three singles, ‘That Kinda Night’/ ‘You Got To Me”/ ‘Born and Bred” all went on to become #1 hits for the band.  The album went onto to garner the band 2 x Golden Guitar finalist nominations at the 2015 Australian Country Music Awards in the Group Of The Year and Song Of The Year categories.


In November 2015, the band flew to Nashville to write and record their third album. This time the entire album was recorded and mixed by Luke Wooten at Station West Studios. Just prior to this trip Casey Kostiuk, the drummer and founding member of the band, resigned as a band member; however he still remains an active member, performing at every show with the band in Australia.


The time we spent in Nashville was nothing short of amazing” said lead singer Nick Wolfe on their return home in 2016. “From the moment we got home we began working hard on writing and making new music. We spent the first month writing every day and wound up with a collection of over 40 songs. We had the opportunity to co-write with some really respected writers, including fellow Aussie Phil Barton, who wrote the US number one single ‘Women Like You’ for Lee Brice. We also worked with Brett Beavers, who has written many number ones for Dierks Bentley, among others, and many more great writers. Nashville is such a creative and inspiring place. I truly believe the songs we’ve put together for this record are leaps and bounds ahead of our previous material. There’s a real inspired feeling within the band and I don’t think we’ve ever been so driven. It’s going to be great to play these songs on home turf for everyone.”


Upon their return home to Australia The Wolfe Brothers were nominated as finalists in three categories in the CMC Music Awards held in Brisbane in March 2016 – Group Of The Year, Australian Video Of The Year and Oz Artist Of The Year. They took home the CMC Group Of The Year Award. They went on to release their third album, ‘This Crazy Life’, in May 2106; which debuted at #2 on the ARIA Country Album chart (held out OF #1 by Keith Urban) and #10 on the ARIA Main chart.


Now as we enter 2018, The Wolfe Brother’s prepare for the release of their fourth album, ‘Country Heart’. A progression from their previous work, the first single, “Ain’t Seen it Yet” is a rousing track that reflects their growth.


Nick Wolfe continued, “We’re feeling all kinds of excitement and nerves with the upcoming release of our fourth studio album ‘Country Heart’ and that’s exactly how it should be. None of us we’re interested in playing it safe this time. We basically took the process we have used to make our albums previously, turned it on its head and came at it from a completely different angle. The goal was to give each song its own personality, not just set up some guitars, amps and drums and bash out 12 tracks with the same core set up as we have done in the past. We didn’t touch an electric guitar until a week and a half into the recording process – which for us is a big deal. We took the time to really hone the songs, tweak arrangements and get in find the sounds that would give each song its own unique character. The interesting thing is even though it’s very different, it’s still us and if anything the songs are more real and honest and we just can’t wait for our audience to get to hear this new chapter in our career!


Guitarist Brodie Rainbird added, “We gave this album 100% and we are really proud of the end result. We planned a different approach to recording and together with our new producer Matt Fell we achieved what we set out to do. Hopefully people will see that we wanted to give them something fresh and different. I think we have done that and I can’t wait to hit the road with all these new songs and new sounds”.


The Wolfe Brothers will tour throughout 2018 in support of this new album. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting country rock bands to emerge out of Australia; the band delivers from the heart with superb musical skills, great songs and a strong connection with their fans. It is clear at every show – they love what they do!


‘Country Heart’ will be released March 23rd internationally.


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