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March 4, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Pop/jazz/funk/blues and whatnot performed by an Icelandic band fronted by UK vocalist/songwriter/lyricist JJ Soul.
When living in Iceland for a brief period (‘93-‘97), JJ met songwriter Ingvi Thor Kormaksson and soon they began writing music together.
In 1994 they made their first CD, ‘Hungry for News’, with JJ Soul Band and in 1997, ‘City Life’. On both CDs the music is many-sided; Blues, R&B, Fusion, Rock, Pop and Latin, sometimes all in one (blues-confusion?).
The band has hitherto mainly served as a vehicle for the songwriting team. The third CD was ‘Reach for the Sky’ (2002) and finally there is “Bright Lights” in 2008.












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