Madilyn Bailey


Madilyn Bailey Drops a Spellbinding Lyric Video for the song titled “Tetris”

A spellbinding lyric video based on heartfelt flow of vocals on pleasing sounds that one can call a first-rate song. Another gifted and inspiring vocalist like Sia is welcome to the music world by the name Madilyn Bailey.

Madilyn will make you to fall in love with her song so quick with her good vocal tone that is enticing, natural and pleasing to the ears.

“Tetris” is an artistic song with a harmonious rhythm in a consistent pattern. One can feel the energy of a good music, penetrating, extraordinary and simple in a genuine form.

The raw vocals of Madilyn keeps haunting from intro and outro of the winning song taking her confidence and talent to another level.

She unfolds the intro of the song in a professional way. The song is a combination of a great melody, pleasing sounds to the ear that are consistent as a whole.

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