Part Time Cooks

South Korea based super-excellent hip/rap duo by the name Part Time Cooks just revives the good olden days of hip hop with their one in a kind song titled “Don’t Feed the Dragon”.

One can feel the realness and creativity in the song. The rappers are true wordsmiths and so unique which makes one to cherish their work. Groundbreaking beat in a simple form and delivery of rap verses in a professional style, bringing more energy into the core of the song. This is simply a good rap song that will last forever and keep haunting.

There is consistency in the flow and the rhythm of the beat and so unique and different from the vibe we often hear nowadays. The arrangement of the song is top notch and these rappers are on top of their game. Their flow is simple, striking and penetrating.

The song is simply entertaining with a good vibe and excellent performance.

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