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Saachi drops a soul-stirring, artistic and enjoyable song titled

“I Need Real Love”.

The relevance of the soulful voice of the female vocalist is beyond description; inspiring, fascinating and emotional. The voice is extraordinarily rich with a twist of orchestral kind of tune grounded on skillful combination of instruments that are entertaining. The song is deeply touchy with a steady rhythm and genuine flow. The vocal ability of the vocalist amplifies the song to another higher level with nothing but an incredible performance that will make the listeners to get lost in excitement.

The song can be said to be a fusion of Jazz and Pop partnering with an orchestral vocals that makes the song to be extraordinary.

Her gentle style of singing is highly emotional, striking and appealing. The rich vocals remain the sugar to the tea of this beautiful song. Wordings are clear and easy to sing along with such an excellent singer.

– Broadtube Music Channel


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