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Good Morgen

Good Morgen is the re-branding for the team of singer/ songwriter Morgen La Civita and Grammy-winning engineer and producer, Jake R. Tanner. Both originally from

Northern New Jersey, they have lived in New York, Las Vegas and now reside in Pennsylvania. Their musical style is piano driven (a nod to Jake’s classical training) with electronic and world influences. Morgen’s blues and soul – bent vocals are smooth, laid back and sometimes ethereal. Her lyric writing style is heavy in tone, takes its cues from her personal life, and recalls the folksy story-telling of the 60’s and 70’s. Some of her

influences are Nina Simone, Annie Lennox, Joan Osborne and Joni Mitchell to name a few.

Jake and Morgen have been working together since 2007. Jake’s background was mostly rooted in Latin and Jazz music, while Morgen’s was in poetry and voice-over work.

Tanner has two Grammy awards with nearly a dozen nominations and Top 10 Billboard hits. La Civita has nearly 40 album credits, a second place win in American Songwriter Magazine’s Lyric contest, as well as several top 5 placements with Singer Universe and Songwriter Universe. She has received airplay in major market stations such as WWOZ in New Orleans and 101.1 New York.

Currently, the duo is revamping their sound and working on more material for T.V. and movie licensing with a heavy focus on scoring. Their new single, “This Wicked World” is now available on Bandcamp .





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