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Kjetil Landsgard

Kjetil Landsgard

With a voice carrying the grit of 70’s rock, Kjetil Landsgard’s message is reminiscent of a 60’s folk singer: let love be your guide. Whether he is collaborating with others or solo, he is no stranger to creating inspirational, original music. Kjetil can also be regarded as a ‘wearer of all hats’; he plays/programs every instrument from his mobile home studio, located in northern Alberta. Like the siren on the rock, Kjetil Landsgard beckons the listener closer; with the exception that his intentions are only good. Which is made clear in his 2016 album, aptly named “Second Soothing”. Throughout the album, Kjetil–who is normally a quiet man–wails in battle cry fashion, as if to say “Wake now, because time is short.” Every song comes from a carefully crafted, insular world; where Kjetil is the archetypal mentor. In “The Ball You’re Gonna Roll”, he soothes his audience with the line “Build your city on days you feel like gold”. “Bayview”, we are reminded that life is a journey; enjoy the ride, free from judgement based on past experiences. “Arrows” tells us that from an outside perspective, it can look like we’re not progressing, as life has the tendency to repeat. Kjetil Landsgard is an artist dedicated to creating great music that you can sit back and soak into…

Kjetil is currently working on a new material for a third solo album.






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