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Left Wing Fascists Moaning Lisas

Left Wing Fascists (LWF) is a band from Norfolk Virginia formed in 1987. They started on the streets of Norfolk playing open mic nights at a hard core club called the Corner located on 38th and Hampton Blvd. by Old Dominion University. They gained local success and cut their first demo “All You Can Eat” (1989) at Earworks Studio in Virgina Beach. The band had radio success with 92.1 WOFM the first alternative radio station in Hampton Roads. Soon they were playing big shows and thanks to Bill Reid (Cellar Door) the band signed a local record deal that landed them a National Release with “A Mother’s Nightmare” (1991) featuring the creative light side song “I Drive A Yugo”. The band toured with the Ramones and other big name bands. The band lost some members along the way but the main song writers Big Al Staggs and Scott Carlisle continues to write and added the second record “All Fired Up” in 1995. The band continued to play live over the years but still had much writing to do. The band members moved out of the area but kept their collaboration going and decided to go back into the studio. The band contacted Stacy Heydon the producer of all of the bands LP recordings. Stacy was a guitar player for David Bowie and Iggy Pop and produced the number one hit by the band Sheriff. Big Al Staggs felt the best course of action was to work with Stacy. Since they had a relationship Big Al knew that Stacy would push him to the level of expectations because this was not their first slam dance together. 2015 Oxymoron was born. Staggs flew out to California to record his vocals and Scott Carlisle recorded his parts in North Carloina. 10 songs have been recorded for this release featuring the cover song written by the band’s friend Robbin Thompson “Sweet Virginia Breeze” that features Stacy Heydon’s guitar work contributing to the project as a performer. Surfing Junkies the single picked out by the band features a video that some parts were recorded when Big Al was out in California recording the vocals. New Life and big Fun added to the band that is almost 30 years old. Dreams can come true and thank you for spreading the word that LWF is still rocking.




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