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A live-action video, demonstrating a musically aesthetic illustration of emotion through elements of ambiance and indie-rock personality.


After the recent release of their new single, Nakamarra’s latest music video for ‘Hide’ is now available on all major networks. As the perfect accompaniment to the much loved new single from the indie-rock collective, Hide’s music video pushes the boundary of contemporary rock culture, piecing together a well-bounded live-action film clip that’s alignment with the track makes for an easy listening, easy viewing experience.


The dim and dusky ambiance of the video puts us in the location of a live music gig, intersected with an otherworldly character of pleasant obscurity. The twilit themed video works flawlessly with the song, offering a clean, rock ‘n’ roll persona that symbols the beautiful tonality of ‘Hide’, at the same time as representing the alternative independent personality of Nakamarra as a band.


From start to finish, Hide’s music video pictures an array of shadowy, radiant colours. The video is inclusive and pleasurable, launching us into the scene of smooth guitar riffs, electronic undertones, and a solid indie-rock jam.



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