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Nate Schierman

Nate Schierman first burst onto the scene in 2003 with The Nate Schierman Band. The band saw mild success commercially and quickly became known for their passionate live shows.
Schierman toured with and shared stages with such names as Allen Stone, Vicci Martinez, Tal Bachman, Presidents of the United States of America, Tyrone Wells, John Oszjaca, Desperation Band, Paul Wright, and Above The Golden State. Nate was also characterized as an artist deemed “Most Likely to Sell It” by the Spokesman Review, and has also been featured as a producer and studio musician on over 20 albums.
From 2008 to 2018 Schierman stepped away from music to deal with several personal issues in his life. During this time he wrote and recorded several songs that are now being released online. Some of the songs are captured live moments in time from his short career. Others are honest cries or bold statements from a man in the midst of addiction and pain.
These songs are now available to you and they are for you. They are not solely about Nate’s battle as they are about the battle we all face in the world today. Songs from the album “Warrior” fit this mold completely. While other songs give us a breath of fresh air with love songs, worship songs, and songs simply telling an honest story.
Nate Schierman has been called many things over the years, but we are left with his raw and sometimes vulnerable music to apply to our lives, relationships, and most importantly, our relationship with the Father.




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