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Tha Saint

Donnie “Tha Saint” Jackson is a very raw and sometimes controversial artist who touches on content in a way that lets you know, he understands the human struggle. This fearless southern style rapper delivers fire every time out. Tha Saint is able to fuse many different flows together and cover many different topics in a way not currently covered by most artists today. ​ Tha Saint grew up in Florence Alabama, where at an early age he was writing raps, songs, and making dance routines. Music came as a natural talent to him which he used to express his feelings about things such as war and inequality. This along with other experiences led Donnie to go against the grain and join a group of hard core gangsta rappers where he gained firsthand knowledge about the sub culture of gangsta rap. ​ After seeing his rap group being slowly destroyed by part of its members going to state prison, Donnie was forced to make some hard decisions. Tha Saint decided to remove himself from the negativity. Tha Saint quit the rap game in his prime and focused on pursuing an education and family. As he sat on the sidelines, Tha Saint began to see the rap game go through several changes. Tha Saint became hungry to get back in the game. Tha Saint went into the lab and came up with his first single. Tha Saint’s new track is a great work of lyrically ability and awesome production that is just what the Hip Hop doctor ordered!







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