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Hawk and the wild

Hawk and the Wild is a singer/songwriter whose real name is Jimmy Wiltfalk. As soon as he picked up an instrument the interest for writing music emerged but the indie-folk has only been in focus for the last couple of years. The debut album “Extrication Songs” was released 2016 with a release tour in Sweden. Jimmy wrote all music and lyrics while also recording most of it in his own home studio. He also plays most live gigs alone as a one man band but he is sometimes accompanied by fellow musicians. While not playing music or scribbling on a new song he is riding some kind of board or speaking for human rights.

The first single from Hawk and the Wilds coming album, “The Wave”, out on 8th of March 2018. Still singer/songwriter and indie folk as well as a bit roots/reggae and country with inspiration from an active life near the ocean with surfing and diving.

The working name of the new album is “Life And Death Of Old Mrs. Ocean”. Many ideas for lyrics was written on a trip to Sri Lanka in 2017. As usual Jimmy’s lyrics take a bit of a political standpoint. This time it’s on plastic pollution and environmental protection of the oceans, which will be even more noticeable in future releases like “Ocean Watch” where Jimmy have found some new friends in the organization Nordic Ocean Watch. Started by Norwegian surfers now spreading to Sweden and Finland they organize beach-clean get-togethers and seminars about ocean pollution.










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