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Peyton Shayler

A vibrant, punchy and beautifully developed electronic-pop track has graced the popular music scene this week with a release from Californian teen Peyton Shayler. At just age 14 the American singer-songwriter has today released the music video for her newest offering ‘Needed Space’, set to hit the charts following her UK tour in March.


Hailing from La Canada, Los Angeles, the high school student has launched herself straight into the pop division with undeniable talent, groovy tunes and the determination to shine. After featuring on the hit remix ‘Waiting’ with HausUnited, which reached number 7 on the UK Music Week Charts, Peyton gives us yet another electro-pop banger, delivering a crisp new dance track to accompany any leading commercial or alternative music outlet.


Straight into the first bar of ‘Needed Space’ you cannot help but feel like you want to dance, and we would encourage that you do. The ambient nature of the track, along with well-defined undertones and swift vocals and harmonies make for a finely executed sound, sure to be favorited to any party playlist. With an electronic attitude common to that of leading artists such as disco-duo Disclosure, combined with angelic vocals similar to singers like Hailee Steinfeld and Billie Eilish, Peyton Shayler breaks into an extraordinarily diverse market of pop artists, with a taste of something well received in the modern music scene.


The music video, shot in the heart of Los Angeles, California, features a beginning wide-angle shot of the city’s stunning skyline from afar. The artistic yet contemporary video lures you into a picturesque channel of musical imagery and colourful vibrancy. A hard-hitting hook, rolling electronic-bass and a transcendent groove puts ‘Needed Space’ into a well-defined category of dance music, appealing to a teenage or younger demographic enriched in the mainstream pop scene.


There is a bright and indisputable future ahead for the young pop star, on her way to joining the likes of many young artists prevailing their talent to the world of modern popular music.


‘Needed Space’ is now available for pre-order on iTunes, set for release on March 30.


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