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March 15, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Painted On Silent Blue – Heaven Is

Genre: Alternative/Pop/Singer-Songwriter

“Heaven Is” is the third studio album of Austrian Indie-Pop Band Painted On Silent Blue, following “In the Blink of an Eye” (2013) and “Unter Blauem Himmel” (2016 – transl.: under a blue sky).

It includes 11 original songs that were written by front woman Katrin Kisza (katrin kiʃa). As on the last LP, Katrin mixes songs in English and some in her native language German. “Heaven Is” again features more tracks in English, such as the first single “All The Roads”. This time the venture is more on the musical side. For the first time the typical minimalistic piano patterns, that Painted On Silent Blue are known for, are mixed up with synthesizers, bass and drums, topped off with layered vocal melodies. You might wonder if the band has been extended with additional members – but no. Actually, this album wasn’t only written and composed by lead singer Katrin Kisza, she was also responsible for the entire production of the album. Why take on such a task? The singer states: “my primary motive was a complete sense of freedom. Music to me is about freedom. It’s the one place where nothing else matters – you can just be. That’s what I wanted to feel recording this album.” Hopefully, that is also what you will feel, listening to “Heaven Is”.




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