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Shockproof – An Italian old school power trio thrash band, that are ready to weigh anchor and launch their second album “More Broken Chains”. The album was released on February 24th by Time To Kill Records in both physical and digital format and was recorded at Side Studio (Rome Italy) by Sound Engineer Daniele Giordani.

In a Nutshell, “More Broken Chains is an album that contains 11 tracks with a bit of a contemporary sound. The word “chain” is present throughout each song as a symbol and representation of the theme the album. We all bear chains, whether we carry them inside or those of others. Some chains are meant to be broken…’cause they have no lock or key. A special dedication goes out to all those people that are far from the spotlights battling their chains and makin’ it, and to those determined to do everything in their power to break their chains”.

This album is like a rollercoaster that will take you on a journey through a variety of strong emotions.


SHOCKPROOF is a bunch of old friends who have decided to barricade themselves in their home studio to create something completely different from their previous band ( Block of Flats, The dead Fly, Kotton F.u.c.k., The Overcome, The Ophelia’s Revenge).They are a power trio addicted to old school thrash metal contaminated by modern influences; their music is like an odd mix of Anthrax and Motorhead.

The band formed in 2014, and released a self-produced album in 2015 called FIGHTING BAD TIMES. Over the years, they have participated in various metal compilations such as Metal Years vol.1 and Kissed by Kiss.

The band is now back with a new 11 track Album release called MORE BROKEN CHAINS.
The lyrics of the band dwell on the human condition and the continuous obstacles and challenges of every day life, the contemporary world and human relations. It’s an incessant but positive rage that erupts at its best on stage thanks to the wealth of SHOCKPROOF ‘s on stage experience.



Riccardo “Conte” Romani: Voice & Bass
Andrea “Ghandi” Gandin: Guitar
Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti: Drums

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