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Juan Rey

With undeniable vocal talent and fine-tuned production served straight up, Juan Manuel Rey is an artist that any pop music enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy. The success of his latest awarding-winning work has not gone unnoticed by the critics, with one recently writing: ‘To say this artist is proficient with the Latin pop idiom is not enough – listen to tracks like ‘Era De Placer’ to witness the delightful mayhem that issues forth when an expert sidesteps convention to conjure something new. Work and pursue your goals, knowing that nothing is free and you will have to fight. Then get up and go find what you want’.


With his original new single ‘Egiptyan’ rapidly climbing the charts, Juan Manuel Rey and his unique brand of well-honed pop rock is rapidly becoming a musical success story thanks in large part to his impeccable melodic instincts. Like pop rock? Many do, perhaps in yearning for a return to great musicianship and melody. Here is an artist that ably serves the sentiment. Originating from Luján, Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel Rey has quickly risen on the strength of his new award-winning single ‘Egiptyan’. Recently, the critics had this to say about his work: ‘Juan Manuel Rey’s insightful pop rocker is built around a subtle romantic notion – but its upbeat cadence and euphonic vocal tone strike a perfect balance.’ With his new single steadily climbing the charts, Juan Manuel Rey seems destined for the global limelight. Reporter Lauren Thompson recently caught up with the talented artist to learn more about what inspires him to create his unique brand of pop rock music and what we can expect from Juan Manuel Rey in the near future.



Juan Manuel Rey Argentine composer and musician, since the year 2000 has been working on different musical projects. In which he expresses his whole being through music. Juan has found in music a medium of expression of such caliber that he has come capitalize on these kinds of guitar from his childhood to transform it into his profession today.



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