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March 23, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

MUD AUDIO VOODOO is a project born (2015) from the economic crisis. How can you make music with little money?
I was reminded of Bowie’s song “I’m a DJ” (I’m a DJ and I’m what I play)….. So using various free software and low price I started mixing, changing loops and samples royalty free. All bought on the internet from eBay, Beatport etc….
Influenced by my land (Bay of Angels, Aleph, thriller, Mecca, Slego, Zanzibar …..) I composed the first blends that were published by The Orchard Enterprises NY. Inc. in the digital world (iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify … etc.) this gave me a little light that brought the single “Away from This” up to the 12th position in the European indie chart.







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