Levi Moses

Born in Sacramento, CA, Libra born Levi Moses has really made a name for himself in Sacramento, California and surrounding areas; he released his first mixtape in 2011 “Not for Sale Mixtape” which made a mark on underground music landing a spot on Coast to Coast Mixtapes. Also making it to the Top 50 Indie Songs of 2014 with the single “No Hater Marks” ranking at # 17 on the chart. During his 2016 success, Levi had also released his 5 singles including his bedroom crooner titled “Foreplay”. Levi’s worked and performed private showcases with labels such as Warner bros, Interscope, Columbia, and Sony/RCA. He is also is currently CEO of his  ©REBELLIOUS SOUL independent label which is based and established 2017 in Northern California. The first single from REBELLIOUS SOUL, “Moan” was officially released April 2017 and won SONG OF THE YEAR at the Northern California Music Entertainment Awards. His eyes are set on conquering the world by storm with his smooth vocals and carefully penned songs. Acting has been a silent ace up the sleeve for Mr. Moses, starring in his forth gospel musical play summer 2017. The Moan Project is an undergoing conjunction of songs that highly influence love making vibes, the date is yet set to be due.



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