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March 30, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Darryl Girard has lived in the Dallas area since the age of 7 where he teaches piano and guitar and runs a recording studio out of his home. After receiving a degree in music composition and arranging, he produced jingles and soundtracks for DART, Shearcuts, Lively Oldsmobile, Foster Care, Del Taco, URCARCO, KSVZ, KJCR, ASTN television and various industrial videos. Later he started recording and producing tracks for local artists and songwriters, but now is focused on writing and recording his own originals. His first music video “Raindrops” won a TELLY award. He’s enjoyed 8 years as a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy. You can visit his website www.chansonrecords.com  and read more about his recording activities.









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