Garth Adam’s new 3 track EP “Here We Are” has been just been released as a CD and on digital platforms. This is the ninth solo release since his Australian native’s first album, “Great Ocean Road” in November 2002.


Garth’s music is a mixture of his influences and life. Born in the UK, he spent his early childhood in Africa and Fiji before his family settled in Australia, where he eventually worked his way as a songwriting bass player through a variety of Australian bands.


The EP begins with “This Time” which has some of that great rhythm feel of an Oasis acoustic track. The second track, “Here We Are,” is similar to British bands such as Coldplay if they used more guitars. The third track, “Wherever You Go,” is a straightforward pop rock suitable for an AM car radio in summer.


The songs were recorded in a studio where 90% of the equipment was made pre 1975. Producer Melvin Tree loves this studio because it can give you the sound of those landmark seventies albums like “Born to Run” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. It’s all tube amps and overhead mics in a great sounding room.


“Here we Are” was recorded at Linear Recording in Sydney and produced by Melvin Tree. Mastering was by Kathy Naunton at Db Mastering Camperdown Sydney.


Guitar, bass and vocals by Garth Adam, guitars and vocals by Doug Sandrini, drums by Theo Katsantoni, keyboards and backing vocals by Brendan O’Brien. Additional backing vocals by David Kelly.









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