Prada Gino

Originally from the Westside of Chicago, Prada Gino dropped out of college to pursue a career in music in Los Angeles, Ca. After a few months, Prada Gino was hired to work for Warner Chapel writing music for the West Coast division and it was not long before he was asked to help write a few track ideas for Chris Brown’s new album “Fame”. Prada Gino was awarded 2 credits for his work on the Fame Album. With the success of his first major project, he began to work on his own solo projects. Prada Gino released his debut album “Ego Trip” shortly after leaving Warner Chapel. He currently has teamed up with HighTyme 7 Entertainment to help push his solo career. Prada Gino plans to captivate with his new singles as he prepares to release his Second album “Dedicated: To The Summer” While Prada Gino brings a philosophical flow like an early Kanye, he also hits hard with deadly punchlines like Eminem. Unforgettable performer with the best in lyrical content; a breakthrough versatile hip-hop artist. Prada Gino aims to be the face of a new generation of Hip-Hop!











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