“Such a Big Mistake” begins with discordant, scratchy sound effects and then flows into a funk-based R&B/jazz melody. The beat is tight and crisp, riding beneath braying horns that impose strident colors. Rile’s voice attains a reggae smack and cadence that work well with the melody. The overall feel of the song exudes a retro electro-pop essence.


Betweenzone is a German band which has released in the late 1990s and 2000s mainly electronic dance and experimental music tracks. In regard to their latest releases their music is difficult to pigeonhole, amalgamating elements of electronic dance, indie-rock, and retro rock with tinctures of psychedelia tossed in for flavor. They just do what they like! Current band members are:

Dave M. Rile: Vocals and production (since 1996);


East: Guitars and Bass (since 2000).











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