Allen David

Allen David Mieth knew at an early age that he wanted to be a songwriter. At the age of ten he was writing original songs and looking for a way to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional songwriter. He went to work at the local radio station while still in high school. He organized a band with his buddies and played at local events including the FFA banquet when he was just 16. He never stopped putting together bands and playing gigs all over south Texas, as a member of groups such as Rio Medina, The Cowdillacs, The Y100 Hot Country Band and the Mowtown Men. He played at countless chili cook offs, fairs, barbecues, radio station events and wedding receptions. David also played more than ten music show cases through the Community arts Network, a platform for the performing arts in San Antonio, Texas. He spent years playing songwriters nights and performing at many well-known clubs. But it wasn’t until he reached deep within his own life experiences that he was able to forge a connection with broader audiences. The personal struggle and pain that inspired his radio hit ‘Alone Again Blues’ is the perfect synthesis of his own life experience, great songwriting and exceptional musicianship. David believes that if someone is able to understand his point of view or somehow feel a little better after listening to one of his songs then that will make the whole experience all the more rewarding for him. He’s certainly getting that (and more) these days. Reporter Lily Clark caught up with Allen recently to learn more about this intriguing and accomplished artist.

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