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April 9, 2018by Kolade Olamide0


Born at the end of 2016, John Malkovitch! is an instrumental project in which every member had an active role in crafting the sound of their debut record: “The Irresistible New Cult Of Selenium”. In barely six months they managed to produce their first LP, made of four tracks for a total duration of 47 minutes. “The Irresistible New Cult Of Selenium” is characterized by its impressive emotional charge.

Bound under the flag of post-rock, John Malkovitch! are: Manuel Negozio on bass, Leonardo Tommasi and Luca Santi on guitar and Francesco Tiberi on drums. Recorded and mixed by Giorgio Speranza (UTO) and Matath Yah (124C41+) at Busthard Studios in Terni, Italy. Everything was live recorded.







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