Jeffrey Khaliff Faison, professionally known as FazeOn, is an American recording artist and self-taught record producer from Philadelphia, P.A. FazeOn has produced singles for a number of prominent artists in a variety of genres, ranging from R&B and hip hop to pop and gospel as a ghost writer, he strongly believed in being professional and keeping his word, so sad to say he will not release names of artist he has composed songs for. FazeOn has made much success independently releasing his debut single “Hybrid” with his follow up single ” That’s how you feel” in which both are available across multiple music download and streaming platforms. In the summer of 2018 FazeOn will release his first Mixtape titled “I AM EVERYTHING” a musical compilation filled with mixed emotions. This mixtape expresses the mind frame of a man who has seen hardship on both sides of urban and corporate America. With this open eye he has a sharpened perspective. FazeOn; who is a singer, songwriter, rapper and entrepreneur, is also the founder and CEO of FazeonEverything LLC and FazeonToSuccess Lifestyle/ Promotion Group.






















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