Queen of Kings

Queen of Kings       Queen of Kings   Queen of Kings is a Los Angeles, CA based duo passionate about making the world party and dance!   The vision of to bring “Mexi-Latin” music internationally is being expanding by the strong, united, and unstoppable QK Family.   In 2010 Sirena and Auggie began […]

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Brother Spellbinder

Brother Spellbinder         Brother Spellbinder     Brother Spellbinder plays well-crafted songs that might be defined as cabaret-folk rock with a dreamy, old-world ache and a modern melodic edge.     The best music defies any strict definition. But suffice it to say that Brother Spellbinder combine various musical textures into something […]

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Dharmesh Kapadia

Dharmesh Kapadia           Dharmesh Kapadia     Dharmesh Kapadia’s first instrument was drum but he later studied jazz piano in order to write music. His primary influences are Earth Wind and Fire, Herbie Hancock and John Barry (composer of 11 James Bond soundtracks).   YouTube   SoundCloud

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John Clark

John Clark           John Clark     With a highly inventive, imaginative, and expressive style that captivates the mind and heart with equal strength, John Clark’s neo-psychedelic approach to music is bound to leave a long-lasting impression. Through wildly adventurous and ambitious ideas that explore all kinds of genres and music, […]

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Tom Raley

Tom Raley         Tom Raley     Tom Raley is a long time musician at heart, born and raised in Tennessee. His music is a collection of moods related to his life. He has played in many bands throughout the years; Briartown Boys, Shady Grove, Blues Review, Sudden Change and others. He […]

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Syren         Syren   Born and raised in Placerville, CA, a small town in the foothills of Sacramento. Unofficially, she was “singing before she could walk”, but she started performing publicly when she was eight years old.     Aside from vocals, she also plays a little guitar and piano, but her […]

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CrestIsMuzik       CrestIsMuzik     He may be from the Windy City of Chicago, but this artist is making waves with his music. CrestIsMuzik started doing music when he was six years old, mostly because of his inspiration coming from his father. Growing up as one of five siblings, the artist would often […]

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