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Born in Lubartów Poland, Mike Ray moved to Coventry, UK at a very young age. Since his youth he has always been exposed to music as his family is very musical. His mum was a singer and his dad is a pianist. His musical influences come from the suburban areas he’s been growing up in Coventry and back in Poland, where urban music like rap and hip-hop are been popularized amongst the youth.


Mike Ray’s musical influences include TI, Lil Wayne and Kanye West but wasn’t until he heard Big Sean record ‘Memories’ where he realised he needs to create his own music. He started creating songs at 17 along with his school friends Lecs Blvck and IamTerrier but wasn’t anything serious until they released ‘ßOUNC£’ as a group back in early 2016.



This song gained major attention in Coventry, the midlands and was recognised in London, resulting in multiple radio play across many different radio stations like: BBC Introducing, Radar Radio, Amazing Radio, Brum Radio etc. This song also kicked off many live performances for the group mainly around the midlands area, soon after they came up with their group name ‘RIOS MOB.’


Since then, they continued to record and release their own individual and ‘RIOS’ projects music via different platforms like: SoundCloud/YouTube. 2017 has seen Mike Ray release his debut single ‘Bethanny’ on major distribution outlets including Spotify, Apple Music amongst more. This is all just in promotion of his upcoming debut album ‘WHXTE.’



Mike Ray’s predominant genre is R&B or as he likes to call it a mixture of Trap and Soul which is recognised as the ‘new wave’ by the music critics. Mike and his group ‘RIOS MOB’ are ones to watch out for in the upcoming months and years. It is worth mentioning that Mike has continued his education higher along with his music career. He currently studies at Birmingham City University.












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