Bobby Wills






April 27, 2018


Album: ‘In Comes The Night’ Digital EP OUT NOW


Introducing Bobby Wills! While well known in his home market of Canada, Bobby will have his first official Australian release via ABC Music. But coincidentally Bobby’s musical journey started here. Following a spontaneous dare while traveling in Australia, the course of Wills’ life would literally change forever.


We were at an open mic night and my buddy bet me $20 that I wouldn’t get up and sing with the band, so I did,” Wills says of the Australian trip. “I sang “The Dance” by Garth Brooks and there was a reaction from the crowd that I didn’t anticipate. It was amazing.


An acclaimed musician with a reputation for writing from the heart, Bobby Wills (MDM Recordings Inc. /ABC Music) is best known for two things – his signature cowboy hat and a diverse musical personality, combining a classic country sound with a toe-tapping, dynamic twist.   His passion for writing songs has been acknowledged, receiving his second consecutive Canadian Country Music Association® (CCMA®) 2016 nomination for Songwriter of the Year.  A consecutive 2013 – 2014 CCMA Award Male Artist of the Year nominee, and 2015 CCMA Award Songwriter of the Year nominee, Wills was nominated in 3 categories for the 2016 CCMA Awards, including Album of the Year, Single of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year (for the top 10 hit, “Won’t You Be Mine”).  His last album, Tougher Than Love is the 4th album in Wills’ vast discography and features two x top 10 hits in Canada.


Now Bobby releases his new EP, “In Comes The Night”, digitally on April 27th. The title track and current single went on to impact the Top 25 on Canada’s charts.





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