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Kivanc Kilicer



Kivanc Kilicer started his professional music career as the multi-talented frontman of the hard rock band Element in 2007.


After composing and releasing 2 studio albums with the band, he focused on his pending international solo project Gravity, where he found himself exploring various combination of contrast tunes and blending them with pure hard rock sound.


With a hybrid of metal, electronic and symphonic music and with its mind-bending lyrics written by famous English poet John Dryden on 1668, “Dew on Roses”, first EP of Gravity project, harbors many of the similar feelings shared by all of us: A special awakening moment in our short lives.


Other tracks of the EP, “Devil’s Thought” and “One of a Kind” have quite original and sharp riffs accompanied with quite progressive tempos.





While releasing two albums, various music videos and a soundtrack for a movie with Element, Kivanc had always in mind to come out with something reflecting his restless soul and energy. Soon he found his head banging harder for some cool guitar riffs, energetic drums and smoking solos.


The band members –  fellow drum genius Gursu Erden and rocksolid bassist tone meister Murat Cum – met in 2010 while recording for Element. Gursu and Kivanc have been playing together in various bands since 1996.


Recorded in Studio FM, “Dew on Roses” was created with progressive riffs over a symphonic base. After its cinematic suspense intro and inviting vocals, the mysterious reprise harmony will have you singing along with your fist in the air.


While the guitars of “Devil’s Thought” definitely make you feel the hard rock punch along with the blazing riffs and its passionate solo, “One of a Kind” fuels you with energy with its infectious chorus and its creative edges. Vocals engage the listener thoroughly through the tracks and pump tempo to he heart.




“Unable to contain the everlasting melody and riff resource inside of me, I couldn’t just enjoy listening to and covering music. Therefore I decided composing my own songs in 2005. First and second albums were mainly my compositions played with Element, and the results were satisfactory in national perspective. But my main interest has always been a blend of progressive rock and neoclassical symphony, both of which require special attention on emotions, balance and clarity”



Having a solid experience on VSTs and DAWs, Kivanc created his home studio in 2010, which took him to a new level of non-stop creation. He worked through all processes of composing his songs including writing the lyrics, recording the instruments, singing the vocals, and doing his own mixes. Strapped down under the    genre limitations of local record companies, favoring more traditional pop/rock sound and following different musical expectations of former band members, he decided to proceed on his own.



“It was another level for me, where I finally created my first solo tracks at an international scale. A brand new experience, a brand new world”



Kivanc and his fellow band members clearly love to experiment adding new sounds on progressive rock licks while keeping the energetic drums with emotionally driven lyrics. What you get is candid level of attitude, clean rock sound, not to mention the virtuoso level of musicianship.
















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