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April 28, 2018by Kolade Olamide0



Kaiser Architekt - Spycraft 101 - EP
Kaiser Architekt – Spycraft 101 – EP



Kaiser Architekt



A song from the world’s finest purveyors of Espionage Pop/Rock. Kuryakin is from Kaiser Architekt’s Spycraft 101 EP.



Kaiser Architekt is an international espionage pop/rock group set up to report and monitor the activities of the mysterious femme-fatale known as Doctor 11. It’s fun, feel-good pop/rock, with layered guitars, harmony vocals, and minimalist piano patterns. Think of it like “The Man from UNCLE” meets “The Monkees” with retro-feel music that spans several decades.



Spycraft 101 was mixed and mastered by Michael Zimmerling at Hammersound in Berlin. Kuryakin is a 2015 remix. It is the extended version of the song, which normally starts to fade at 3’26”.












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