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Fear Paragon Cause’s new single, “Fear” equips an array of haunting vocals and guitar lines that move the unique song that is dark, immersive, and angst-ridden. Thematically, the song’s darkness and depth is further accentuated by its lyrics about the fear that those with a history of violence and abuse live with. A retro drum beat that moves well with the song and comfortably supports a raw set of lyrics and vocals that are sure to please. This haunting track ends with a climax that is sure to please all those willing to stay till the end.




Paragon Cause is a songwriting, production and musical duo based out of Canada’s Capital, Ottawa. Dutch Orange and Cape Breton Green combine to bring their love of Hip-hop, jazz piano, 80’s synthesizers and 50’s guitars to create music that is mysterious yet familiar. Flowing vocals with dense harmony mix with dark modal guitar playing, all set to retro drums.




Marnie, from southern Ontario, Canada is a trained Jazz singer and pianist whose strong songwriting skills set the base for many of the tunes the duo produce together. Influences include Mamma Cass, The Beatles and Beethoven. Her songs often discuss topics that can challenge the average listener to embrace deeper meaning and emotion.




Kirwan, originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia shied away from the Celtic influence of growing up in Cape Breton and was drawn to bands such as Tribe Called Quest, Digible Planets and early Ice Cube. Juxtaposed with his love of The Cure, Janes Addiction and The Raveonettes, his guitar playing and production skills pull together all his influences to create dense and dark arrangements.




The duo writes, records and produces all songs.

















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