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Music Producer RQ Phillips Announces Release of his new Single




Houston, TX – April 15, 2018 – RQ Phillips, Jr., CEO and music producer for the Confezzed Noize brand, announced that he will release his new single, “Confezzed Noize Presents We Smoke (420)” on April 20, 2018. The new single will feature the talents of Mista Loon, Dank Da Smoker and Q-Loc Da Baller. Fans can find the smoke music on all streaming sources and can preorder a copy at the iTunes store.



“The formats of my instrumental beats and music online are set up for any writer or singer to go to work,” said Phillips. “You can lease or buy exclusive music from me if you like what you hear.”



Phillips is a well-known name in the Hip-Hop music and R&B genres. He’s been producing Hip-Hop beats and R&B instrumentals for more than 20 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry.



‘Born in the heart of Houston’s “South Park” area, Phillip’s parents noticed he had a passion for music at an early age and encouraged his talent. By the age of 13, the young musician began DJing house parties throughout the South Side of Houston.



As his popularity grew, Phillips began listening and examining the element of the instruments within the music. Wanting to imitate and orchestrate those sounds, he purchased his first keyboard, followed by other instruments, and taught himself to play them. It was at that point that he knew he wanted to make music his life’s work.



Phillips has produced some of the most popular underground artists in the Houston area. His production credits are on hit albums that include “Crime Boss Still at Large” and he’s now giving back to the music community by mentoring promising performers ranging from Mar the Superstar, Sam Sydney and Sly Fox to Jody, Kirby D, and the Hip-Hop duo of Dangerous Smoke.



The debut of “Confezzed Noize Presents We Smoke (420)” provides an exciting new release for Phillips’ fans and music to smoke to. For aspiring and established musicians, the weekly online release of his exclusive instrumental beats and music provides unique learning and composing opportunities for musicians specializing in any genre.




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Phone: 281-960-8703





























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