Within DAMEHT are three musicians, Rivington Starchild, Lucas Garzoli, and Roman Lewis from New York City now residing in a secret base hidden in Los Angeles. DAMEHT left NYC after successful, 4-week residency at the iconic, Lower East Side venue ‘The Pyramid Club’, with a larger sound in mind than what themselves and associated acts had in their repertoire. In order to transcend the disposable, hype based culture, DAMEHT made their way to LA where unknown and with no expectations but their own, they would focus on writing and record away from the traps of acceptability and comfort. To extract the essence and arrange the chaos of what made NYC culture so appealing was their drive, to bring out its universality was their goal. In Los Angeles, the band has built out an infrastructure for themselves as well as other local and touring acts to perform in. The secret venue, a curious loft, called “The Factory”, reminiscent of the seminal British label “Factory Records”. Already they’ve hosted DJ A-Trak, h09909, Chromeo, Surfbort, Wicca Phase and many more genre-defying acts. Those fortunate enough to be in on the secret are in for even more surprises for 2018.


The members of DAMEHT started off with the same intentions as any other band. In the attempt to be “different,” that which seems to be outside of convention becomes conventional, the individuals of the band sees each circle they draw, then the process of stepping outside of that circle in order to draw another one.

Science has been cognitively defined by others as the attempt to set in order the facts of experience. The dial that we physically experience with songs, performances, tribulations, and success, are correspondences with an invisible realm of energies. Punk, rock and roll, and hip hop. These great expressive powerhouses are far from threatening, although packaged to seem so. Why not simply make a good song, look really cool, find a way to “make it” within the existing structures? DAMEHT has already “made it” and now would like to celebrate this space with all who feel that the validation of said efforts, standing far apart from the existing tokens given by culture. With “Imitation,” the track is inspired by philosopher Carl Jung’s individualization theory which says the creation of self is a process of integrating unconscious and conscious thinking. We must know that culture is to be destroyed; the cultured man with his systems and security stands not a chance in the world that belongs to all who just dares to accept it.


The Evolution of DAMEHT:

2014: DAMEHT had a successful month-long residency at the Lower East Side legendary spot, The Pyramid Club.


2015: The band made their way from New York to Los Angeles to transcend the disposable, hype based culture and create music with no expectations but their own. That fall, the band released their debut EP, Girl Jeans.


2016: DAMEHT released single “Creeper Creeper” and announced their assistance in the reopening of illustrious New York City photographer Clayton Patterson’s gallery, Clayton Outlaw Art Museum, which was closed to the public for 10 years. The gallery featured the revival of “Clayton Caps,” a series of 5-panel embroidered hats with a new design in collaboration between Patterson and the band.


2017: Collaborating with iconic British shoemaker George Cox, the band designed two exclusive shoes. The first was a classic creeper silhouette in a hot pink hue and finished with flat silver studs around the toe, while the second transformed George Cox’s signature platform into a hot pink suede boot with stacked black leather straps.


2018: DAMEHT return to the music scene after two years with the release of “Imitation,” a track inspired by philosopher Carl Jung’s “Individuation” theory, which says the creation of self is a process of integrating unconscious and conscious thinking.


More on DAMEHT:

The band currently operates a secret DIY venue, The Factory, in downtown Los Angeles. Reminiscent of the seminal British label Factory Records, the band has hosted acts including DJ A-Trak, h09909, Pussy Riot, Chromeo, Surfbort, and Wicca Phase, among others.


Featured on Nylon , Bullett , All Things Go , Pancakes and Whiskey , Out , AFROPUNK , The New York Times, Audiofemme , and Huck Magazine .








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