Based in the US, Steel’s story is one of glory & triumph. Born during the American crack wars, after the Disco era, Steel was raised in the hoods of Maryland, in the Washington DC Metro Area: the DMV, from the most talent laden county in the U.S., Gorgeous Prince George. The son of a Stone Mason, an Evangelical singer. Growing up, Steel sang in Gospel groups, played piano, trombone while working in construction during the hot southern summers on the Piedmont Plateau. His hard work ethic allowed Steel to attend George Washington University on scholarship, which began his legacy in music; Urban music to be specific “for the people” says Steel, while serving military tours through various global exercises as a decorated Naval officer. Upon his release from military duty, Steel, CEO & Entertainer, returned home and formed his entertainment company, Ellorenz Records, home of the internally acclaimed groups, Steel, Chickahominy Vibe, DJ Cisco Castille, and Cousins Steel & Cortez. #1 record label in the Washington DC/DMV area: creating ‘slick’ releases and collabs, with the greatest talents, like Nina Sol and DJ K-LA, the American capital city can provide. Modern classics, “for the people, by the people”, embracing the blueprints of Motown, Bad Boy, Def Jam, and No Limit. His goal “create music magic that moves the masses” says Steel. A voting member of the Grammy’s, winner of a few international independent film festival awards for best soundtrack(s) and screenplay(s), and brand ambassador for MJD Productions/WMIFF, G005E, Ellorenz World and Rock Paper Denim fashion house! Steel has nothing else to prove, but continues to do all of this from love. Proof that whatever life throws at you, when you have a vision, a hard work ethic, a genuine love for humanity, beautiful things can happen. Stay tuned for more… Good Vibes







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