Gianluca Silvestri




Gianluca Silvestri

Gianluca Silvestri




Gianluca Silvestri



Guitarist and composer Gianluca was born in London on August 16th and today he lives near Milan. He moved to California in 1997 to attend the renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood and had the opportunity to study with great teachers and artists like Scott Henderson, Allen Hinds, Art Renshaw, Paul Gilbert, Ron Eschetè and many others. Gianluca received a nomination for “Outstanding Guitar Player Of The Year” in 1999@G.I.T. He has been working as a professional musician and music teacher since then. He has worked as session player in studio and tour with many great songwriters and excellent musicians from Jazz and pop scene in Italy.




As a composer he produced three albums available on iTunes. “Don’t Say A Word”, “In my universe” and his latest album “3” available in store from February 2018. These are jazz-fusion oriented album with some electronics. In the last couple of years he has been influenced by electronic music a lot and at this time he’s working on a new instrumental album with influences from electronic music, experimental, ambient, down-tempo but also EDM and IDM. Stay tuned











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