JoJo Worthington


JoJo Worthington is an independent Folk/ Alternative artist from Waterloo, Ontario known for her avid songwriting and dynamic use of the ukulele. By using loops, reverbs, delays and even distortion, JoJo creates a euphoric atmosphere that has never been heard before on the ukulele. With her infectiously catchy and whimsical melodies, this pink-headed chick can capture the heart of any audience. Growing up in a musical family, JoJo became obsessed with music at a very young age by first being influenced to musical theatre and classical music. At age eight, JoJo began taking singing lessons and by the time she was 14, had already performed in over 15 musical productions and events. At this time, JoJo began writing songs on guitar in a local band, but decided at 16, she wanted to go solo, this time with the ukulele.


With now over 10 years of performance experience, JoJo has won several local and international songwriting competitions. Some include: Best Song and Best Folk at the 2014 Toronto Independent Music Awards, the 2014 Barrie Folk Songwriting Competition, the 2013 Fanshawe’s Got Talent the Spring 2013 Indie International Songwriting Competition, the 25th Waterloo Region’s Leading Edge Award, the 2012 4th Annual Maxwell’s Music House Songwriting Competition, the 2012, and more. In April 2014, JoJo was also selected to be a featured artist at the July 2014 Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, Ontario.


In 2012, JoJo released her first EP, “SOON” which features six original compositions. The album includes a variety of sounds such as Jazz, Folk, Electro-Pop and Space-Rock. Each song is a personal memory from JoJo’s life, yet the songs from “SOON” are universal in their tone and composition, making the album both reflective and unique.


In Dec 2013, JoJo released her first Christmas EP, “O Christmas – A Yuletide Collection”, which is a one of a kind, three track compilation of joyous and stimulating covers. Both albums have received radio play all over Canada including 91.5 The Beat and CBC Radio 1 and U.S stations including Broken World Radio, Branson World Radio, Women of Substance Radio and more.


In January 2015, JoJo released her long anticipated full-length album, “7”. This eleven-track album includes a whirlwind of sounds coming at you in all different directions, creating a potpourri of brightly coloured, strange and enticing melodies. This album includes JoJo’s two singles, “Werewolf”, and “Amadeus”.


JoJo has performed extensively throughout Ontario. Being a true Canadian artist, she has had the privilege of collaborating and performing with other Canadian artists such as: Craig Cardiff, The Great Lake Swimmers, Jacob Moon, Courage My Love, Calum Graham, Jake Robertson, Ambre McLean, The Vaudevillian and more.









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