Todd Curry


Todd A Curry “The Toad” SINGER/SONG WRITER


Todd considers himself to be an “Okay Singer, moderately cool sax and flute player, a song writer, a published author, pretty scary pilot, and a damn good looking man”. What he actually is- is a highly decorated retired Police Detective Sargent who’s list of accomplishments far surpass many who were in his line of work. Some of the positions he gained expertise status and notoriety was as a Police patrol dog handler, Covert Narcotics investigator, Anti-terrorism investigator, Criminal Analyst and instructor.


He began playing the sax and flute when he was 10 and stopped playing after graduating high school. He then joined the service and spent 10 years working undercover narcotics with the Military Police Corp. and Criminal Investigations Division (CID). He left the service and became a cop, retiring in 2006. It was not until 2014 that he decided to get back into music. It’s ironic and hard to believe that after a 37 year hiatus from music, he has easily managed to jump back into it.


Todd is only interested in writing and playing his own music. His songs vary in genre which is unique in it of itself. He has often said; “I’m not looking to write a #1 hit. I’m simply documenting my life story though music. You’re either gonna like them or not. My only intent is to get one of these songs put in a commercial or movie or sold to a ‘True’ artist who can take them to another level. It’s not about money; it’s about being remembered after I’m gone….what better Way to be remembered”.









3 thoughts on “Todd Curry

  1. Simply awesome.
    Unique beat combined with signature sax playing, topped off with spot on drumming from a world renowned drummer. Very cool song.


  2. I see The Toad’s 37-year coma from music as a Time Travel gift from the past.

    Smooth, simple, and mellow, I could nap to his tunes all day long in my Islands.

    #1 in my book, Sir.


  3. Todd… THIS is definitely great music for a movie 🎥 and so much.
    I love this soo much. I wish you would put together an album together 😎
    You have tremendous talent I could listen to this track all day along with all the rest you’ve shared with us.
    Absolutely love it!
    Thank you


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