This is MadStone. It’s the music of Steve Burnside, James Stone and Mark Doolin. Andy Ramos on Bass, Maddog Tommy Souza, arguably one of the best drummers around and me. James Stone on lead vocals and guitar. This is a hard driving Southern/Country Rock.  We call it Texas Rock n Roll. Hard driving and beautiful simple melodies that aren’t simple at all.  12-string, lots of vocals, sweet leads, it grows on you.  Have a couple beers and mix it loud for best results.


Madstone brings a new form of melodic rock using beautiful haunting leads and 12 string but it’s rock n roll.


“Your Eyes” to me is one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard and the bass line with it is one of my all-time favorite bass lines.


“Waterline” is a bluesy melodic rock, quite different.


“Alone Again” rivals “Your Eyes” with another very unique 12 string picking style and a Floyd-like female vocal solo over the lead.


“Highway Song” rocks.  It’s a remake of the epic tune from Blackfoot.  Don’t worry, we paid for mechanical rights.









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