Lousiegs - Far Away
Lousiegs – Far Away





Louis J. Siegel, composer, librettist, lyricist. Mr. Siegel, 64, has written songs, poetry and stories for over thirty-five years. Mr. Siegel has written a complete full book, libretto musical with 23 songs, “The Same Old Story, for which he is currently attempting to produce a reading. His music has been most recently recorded in a concept album, entitled, “The Magic: A Busker’s Journey by a new European rock group called End-2-End in Prague. He has co-written many of the songs with Ivo “Spyder“ Krizan and recorded another album, “Topspin” in Hanover, Germany.




Mr. Siegel has collaborated with renowned, Grammy Award winning song writer, the late, Skip Scarborough (1988 Anita Baker, “Givin’ You All I Got”). His work has been encouraged by Susan Myerberg, General Manager of the Helen Hayes Theatre on 44th Street.




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